Coaching is a tool used for support, empowerment, and growth, and it is a wonderful way that I am able to assist individuals who live at distances that would make regular face-to-face sessions impossible. I have many phone coaching clients who live in other states and other countries that have achieved remarkable growth and made profound changes in their lives. To determine the appropriateness of this service, I do require an initial face-to-face interview.

As a personal consultant and coach, I will work with you to determine your goals and the strategies you can use to obtain your goals. Together, we will define the steps you need to take to reach your stated goals. My role as coach is more of an educational and informational nature. Our time together may occur weekly, monthly or as needed until the issue you seek assistance for is resolved or it is determined that the issue cannot be resolved through coaching. The process may have therapeutic benefits to you, however, if issues arise that are best dealt with in a therapeutic context, I will help you to find an appropriate licensed mental health professional in your state or country.

I coach people by utilizing an initial comprehensive face-to-face interview, asking questions, listening to you, reflecting back what you tell me, identifying your resources, clarifying your values and vision, creating strategies to overcome challenges, and assisting you to determine and realize your dreams and goals. Although I am trained in psychotherapy and am licensed in Michigan as a clinical social worker and a marriage and family therapist, I do not engage in the process of psychotherapy with my coaching clients. As a consultant or personal coach, I do not assess for, nor diagnose and treat mental health disorders. However, I will provide education on mental health diagnoses that assist you in gaining an understanding of the additional services that may be important to help you resolve your issues.

Individuals who are considering coaching with me as a result of reading my book may wish to attend myDiscovering the Healthy Self Workshop; a one day seminar based upon my work in the treatment of codependents in relationships with narcissistic individuals. For people who attend my workshop from out of town and wish to do personal coaching, they may schedule their in-person session for the following day (Sunday).

Please feel free to call me if you would like to ask additional questions or discuss concerns you may have.