As a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, my goal is to help you with whatever issues you want to address in a safe, secure and confidential environment. Therapy is about meeting you where you are at in your life right now, identifying the issues that you are seeking help with and collaborating on a treatment plan that is mutually agreeable and clear. There are many different types of therapy, and I tend to use an eclectic and systems-based approach, which takes into consideration where you have been in your life and the many factors, which are feeding into where you are right now.

The modalities of an eclectic approach include; talk therapy, journaling (including dream journaling), the genogram tool (from systems therapy), cognitive therapy and educational reading. I may also recommend that you consider utilizing some other supports for your well-being such as yoga, meditation and exercise.

If it becomes clear that additional professional services may be helpful, I have a collaborative relationship with therapists and specialists from a wide variety of disciplines with whom we can consider obtaining further support. Examples of this are; addiction issues, psychiatric services for medical treatment of depression, severe anxiety disorders, a clinical evaluation of attention deficit disorders, etc.

I generally suggest that potential clients schedule a one-time session for the “getting to know you process” which involves an initial evaluation of the issues, and whether it feels like a “fit” with me as your therapist. After the initial session, if you are comfortable going forward, I would ask that you commit to two more sessions. We would continue the process of exploring the issues you are seeking help with, and whether or not it I am the right therapist for you. By the third session we would both have a better sense of this, and you would make a decision about engaging the therapy process. At this point we would construct a therapy plan based on your goals, time availability, and other considerations.

Should you choose to proceed, a positive outcome becomes our mutual responsibility. This begins with your trust in and commitment to the treatment process, and my commitment to address your questions and concerns as they come up during sessions. It also involves my commitment to you as your therapist, to help you find healing and wholeness in your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and personal values while improving your relationship with yourself and others.

You are also free to call me and discuss any concerns or questions you might have regarding therapy before scheduling an appointment.