Eleanor has trained in both systems theory and imago therapy as a relationship therapist. Receiving her certification as an imago trained therapist from the Institute for Relationship Therapy in 1993 (see below) she has pursued ongoing training for helping couples in a number of supervisory venues with professional mentors.

In addition, Eleanor has subspecialized in helping couples when one or both have attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Teaching couples how to effectively communicate and manage the issues related to AD/HD led her to speak nationally on the subject of couples and AD/HD.

Over the years, Eleanor has recognized the need for couples to learn effective conflict management skills – frequently the number one factor in relationship difficulties.

Imago therapy

Imago therapy is a dynamic and effective approach that helps couples work through difficult issues or impasses that can develop. Through a two-fold approach couples will:

  • Learn effective communication skills and
  • Develop insight into each partner’s sensitivities and “complementary” defenses.

This comprehensive approach empowers couples to learn the skills they need to apply in their everyday lives. To gain an overview of this approach, you will find the concepts, techniques, and skills of imago therapy are developed by Dr. Hendrix in his book, Getting the Love You Want.

Eleanor utilizes the concepts of imago therapy to help couples:
  • Identify factors that lead to partner selection
  • Develop a structure for the safe expression of feelings
  • Identify pathways for partners to heal old wounds and grow
  • Develop new communication skills which break destructive cycles of relating
  • Establish deeper level of trust by increasing safety
  • Re-establish the excitement and connection of partners’ early time together
  • Transform a relationship into a lasting source of love and companionship
Imago therapy is also for singles who want to:
  • Understand past relationships
  • Prepare for healthy relating
  • Break destructive patterns
  • Put old hurts to rest
  • Create a satisfying and fulfilling relationship